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Friday, November 4


Leadership Pre-conference Innovations High School



DATA DIVE: The Product of a well-functioning PLC (6-12) D403MiKelle Andersen • Madison Belknap • Jessica Throolin Fruit Loop Statistics! (7-11) D405Jennifer Hooper • Marissa Stevenson Math Instruction That Cannot be Misunderstood Explicit Instruction through Concrete Models (K-3) 422Rachel Reeder Myths of Mnemonics (3-10) D409Kami Dupree • Megan Dickey Reflex A Technology Solution for Math Fact Fluency (2-8) 418Tiffany Cook 'Objective Experts' Meet your students' individual needs with an amazingly-engaging system and a free web app. (6-12) C400Jeffrey Zivkovic • Kayla Packard Special Education in Utah: Are Students with Disabilities College and Career Ready in Mathematics? Recent Trends Suggest it's Time for Change (K - Post-secondary) C417Becky Unker • Leah Voorhies • Haleigh Saunders Turning 'I hate Math' into 'I love Math' - Changing the Mindset/Metacognitions of Students and Teachers (K - Post-secondary) 428Leilani Nautu • Janessa Bond Get Published in an NCTM Journal (6-9) 437Travis Lemon • Janessa Bond Mathematical Modeling: Examples and Opportunities (9 - Post-secondary) C411Allison Carson • Holly Zullo • Nathan Smith Reflections from a university sabbatical teaching experience in Samoa (Post-secondary) D404Marcus Jorgensen • Morgan Sorenson How to Get Your Students to Talk and Learn (6-8) 431Melanie Durfee Lord of the Rings, Roadkill Cafe, and many other projects for the mathy folks. (9-11) D400Don Busenbark • Michelle Richardson • Jessica Throolin Math Games for Every Strand (K-2) C407Kirsten Williams • Megan Dickey Math Talk: Implementing Effective Mathematical Conversations in Preschool and Kindergarten Classrooms (K-2) 426Mickaila Rigby • Jessica Shumway • Alicia Turner • Emma Holdaway Number line Strategies (K-8) C408Brenda Bates • Nathan Smith Number Talks (K-10) D407Celeste Harding We Finished the Mathematical Task, Now What? (6-8) C402Rachel Rolf • Kayla Packard Improving Student Engagement by Building Math Activities With Web-Based Software Tools (7 - Post-secondary) 433 (Computer lab)Samuel Gedeborg • Emma Holdaway Nspire Your Classroom with TI-Nspire Technology!! (7-12) 424Jared Despain Pinching Your Pennies Tech Tools (7-12) D402 (computer lab)Melissa Hesterman • Annie Swinton • Morgan Sorenson What can STEM do for YOU? (K-12) C415Kellie Yates • Haleigh Saunders



Saturday, November 5



Assessment/Content Design and Grading for Learning: What are we communicating to stakeholders? (7-12) C409Edwin Goodrich • Eric Gubler • Nikki Bean Extreme Word Problems - Learning to see math in the real world (5-9) C408Angie Frabasilio • Madison Kimsey Invisible Mathematics (4-9) D400Andrew Glaze Model Engagement: Math Modeling in the Classroom with GEAR UP (9-12) C402Melia Balls • Christina Watts • Jordan Casper Creating Your Leveled Classroom (7 - Post-secondary) D405Thomas Morrell • Madison Belknap #ChangingMathAttitudes (K - Post-secondary) C417Adam King • Madison Kimsey I Think I Can; Therefore I Can: The Links Between Self-Confidence and Math Performance (2-6) 426Barbara Child • Arla Westenskow • K'Loni Lowry Kindergarten Math IS Rocket Science! STEM Principles in the Kindergarten Classroom (K-2) 422LeeAnn Parker Making Connections: The Essence of Learning (9-12) D404Vicki Lyons • Madison Kimsey Turning 'I hate Math' into 'I love Math' - Changing the Mindset/Metacognitions of Students and Teachers (K - Post-secondary) 428Leilani Nautu • K'Loni Lowry When Will I Ever Use This? Making Math Relevant Using Career-Related Tasks (6 - Post-secondary) 418Catherine Callow-Heusser Addressing the Standards Equitably in a Multi-Grade Expeditionary Setting (K-6) 424Emma Bullock • Holly Lutz Conceptual Understanding before Formalization: Allowing Students the Time to Discover Mathematics (6 - Post-secondary) C400John Chinchen • Jordan Casper Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science (PAEMST): All You Ever Needed to Know! (7-12) C407Joleigh Honey • Kenneth Deem What I Wish My Principal Knew About Math/What I Wish My Math Teachers Knew About Running a School (K - Post-secondary) C415Jet Warr Math Modeling in 3 Acts for the Secondary Classroom (7-11) D403Jessica Patterson • Ally Ririe Number Talks (K-10) D407Celeste Harding • Christie Bouy Ramping up Reasoning: The Power of Questioning and Reflection (3-12) D409Jeremy Smith • Kenneth Deem The Power of Exploration in Mathematics (K-6) D401Allison Crisher • Shannon Ference Becoming a Life Long Learner Through Twitter (K - Post-secondary) 437Crystal Van Ausdal Building Concepts in Mathematics: A Free Resource for Math I Readiness (3-9) C411Brian Dunnicliffe • Nikki Bean Desmos: Tool for Learning (6-12) D402 (computer lab)MaryAnn Moore • Ally Ririe Empowering Digital Collaboration in 3 Acts. (6-12) 433 (Computer lab)Cory Henwood • Holly Lutz



DATA DIVE: The Product of a well-functioning PLC (6-12) D403MiKelle Andersen • Kimber Mathis DOK 1, 2, and 3: Assessment/Content tasks that get the biggest bang for their buck. (K-5) C408Melissa Garber • Kyle Hodson Lose the Rules:-Teach Fraction Understanding (3-5) C402Jan Farmer • Nancy Stewart • Jessica Corless Relating Division of Fractions to Repeated Subtraction to Build Conceptual Understanding with Rational Expressions (4-post) 418Catherine Callow-Heusser • Irvin Goutcher The Construction of a Tessellation (6-12) C415Jet Warr • Matt Melville Creating Your Leveled Classroom (7 - Post-secondary) D405Thomas Morrell • Kylie Palsky Making Core Mathematics Accessible for Students with Disabilities (6-8) 424Becky Unker Using Cross-Age Tutoring to Teach Word Problems (K-6) C400Camille Rougeau • Ava Lynne Peterson #ChangingMathAttitudes (K - Post-secondary) C417Adam King • Autumn Kagie Making Connections: The Essence of Learning (9-12) D404Vicki Lyons • Kelani Maughan Why Use Children's Literature in Mathematics, Anyway? (K-6) C407Stevie Carr • Bree De La Mare • Broode Ferrin Being a Math Coach to Self and Others 431Cynthia Price • Kate Johnson Going Back to School: The Lessons Learned by a University Professor in a High School Mathematics Classroom (9-12) D409Rachel Bachman • Broode Ferrin Moonwalking with Einstein in Washington DC: Engaging in politics and policies at the federal level. 422Nathan Auck • Misato Suzuki What Motivates Students? We asked, they answered. (3 - Post-secondary) 428Deborah McKee • Boston Workman Engaging All Your Learners in Rich Math Experiences (K-5) D400David Smith • Alicia Heninger How Can I Adapt My Textbook Lessons? Designing Inquiry-Based Math Lessons Based on Your Curriculum Resources (K-5) C409Charlotte Coburn • Ange Eskelson • Jessica Shumway • Zoie Franks How Math Tasks Changed Me and My Students (K-6) D401Shannon Ference • Tiya Karaus • Kennedy Pobanz Utah State University STARS! GEAR UP - Importance of Procedural Fluency & Conceptional Understanding (7-8) D407James Dorward • Sheryl Rushton • Melodie McLamb What does Engaged Learning look like? (7 - Post-secondary) 426Thomas Mgonja • Jenny Nehring • Heather Quackenbush Becoming a Life Long Learner Through Twitter (K - Post-secondary) 437Crystal Van Ausdal • Jamie Brooks Desmos:Tool for Learning (6-12) D402 (computer lab)MaryAnn Moore • Cassie McBride Exploring STEM with TI: Experience TI Codes and the new TI-Innovator (6-post) C411Brian Dunnicliffe • Mellisa Garrard